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The special legislative session for the Comprehensive Zoning Mapping Process (CZMP) final adoption was held  on August 25, 2020. The Final Log of Issues shows the final decisions from the Baltimore County Council vote.

The Baltimore County Council final decision on Log of Issues-District 7-Log Number 7-015 is to maintain the current zoning density of DR1 (one dwelling per acre) at the Fort Howard Veterans Administration Property in Fort Howard, Maryland. 

The Fort Howard Community Association is very thankful for  the Millers Island Edgemere Business Association and the Baltimore County Historic Trust’s letters of support and their testimony at the CZMP Hearing advocating Fort Howard Community Association’s November 2019 letter requesting the maintenance of the current DR1 zoning designation and for the Baltimore County Council’s, in particular Councilman Mr. Todd Crandell’s, favorable decision.   



Steven dickinson · September 14, 2020 at 8:54 am

Stay out of our community!!

Janice rehak · September 15, 2020 at 12:13 pm

I think this was a wise decision for the area although I think our veterans lost out on what could have been an awesome facility and compound for THEM. …

and it would also have been an excellent. Waterfront recreational facility for THIS COMMUNITY…(especially since use of the other two parks is SO limited and restricted ESPECIALLY if you are handicapped or elderly)…you can’t drive down near the water ANYWHERE…(( someone in planning should check out the waterfront parks in Essex, like Rocky point… and do something like that with ours so we can actually USE them). All that Sandy waterfront surrounding BOTH of our ENTIRE parks and people are crammed onto one little over crowded strip of beach with parking MUCH too far away for handicapped or a lot of seniors to use or carry things to.)…but back on point…

All that being said…i still wonder HOW the area can bear the additional traffic with only one way in and out…especially in an emergency evacuation situation… The unused roads that Beth steel cut through the farms are WAY flooded in a bad rain and would be useless in an emergency evacuation.) There is no way to widen our roads except, once again, to take away privately owned homes and property from long time residents.

And how Will our schools handle the additional volume? There are already classes being held out in trailers and the “open concept” of CHESAPEAKE TERRACE elementary is a farce and already CHAOTIC AND CROWDED. That school needs to be returned to individual classrooms. I don’t know how ANY child has their best educational opportunity in that noisy disruptive environment.

In this area our sewer and water lines are already over burdened which causes some of our homes to flood when it rains as it fills up storm drains, sewer and water lines back up onto our homes as well as causing standing water in many yards which encroaches on our homes as well.

Then there is the additional burden on our electricity which has been going out more and more often (sump pumps won’t work…MORE flooding issues) Many more outages SINCE all the building on what used to be Bauers farm. What will happen with even MORE strain on an already overburdened system?

There is also the issue of ALL the filling (dump truck after dump truck loads for MONTHS which builders have been allowed to do there as well as on Blevins Ave and Lodge Farm corner.. WHY?!? …(.building them (8 feet or more) higher than surrounding homes (that used to be level with each other.).. It’s kind of like no one in planning CARES about EXISTING residents, (some whose families have been here MORE than 100 years). And this is not to mention the hundreds of trees taken down and NOT replaced on these sites. Trees HOLD ground water and hold the soil in place but builders often find ways around these concerns and the rest of us live with the sad consequences.

I AM glad and grateful to hear that you decision has addressed a LOT of concerns in our community. I DO hope someone will ACTUALLY read this and forward my concerns to the right part of the planning board. These issues are important to many of us. Thank you…Janice Rehak

Elaine Williams · September 18, 2020 at 12:42 pm

Please stay our of our community. There is one way in and one way out! The traffic is bad enough as it is now!

Anne Marie Gingher · November 12, 2020 at 1:00 am

Valuable Assest we of Ft. Howard, need to fully protect from unwanted development and restored in a way that honors our Veterans and protects our drive to maintain one of the LAST rural areas of Baltimore County. I’ve been a resident of rural development encroachment upon Nottingham/Perry Hall/White Marsh and we had to endure encroachment upon our antique homes and property.
This is without a doubt what we ALL need to unify to fight ferociously for and to protect.

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