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Fort Howard Community Association started in February 2014 with a small group of neighbors you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown its presence representing  membership as an active shareholder in Maryland concerning local development, historic preservation,  environmental stewardship, and community services.


Everything you see here at was created  for the community of Fort Howard.  As the internet forum of the community, the website provides accurate and up-to-date information, news articles, press releases, Facebook connectivity, utilizing an  active email network for feedback, comments, and surveys.

Connect with the Community

In addition to online resources like the Contact Us, Calendar,  and the Facebook,  a great way to get involved with FHCA is to attend or volunteer FHCA third Thursday of the quarterly month meetings and/or events organized by FHCA members.

What You Can Use  for  has evolved full content management system usage to FHCA members with site access to post opinion editorials, reports, and listings.

FHCA  Geographic Boundaries

Geographically, FHCA, registered with the Baltimore County Department of Planning and Development Business & Community Association Office delineates community representation of the entire Fort Howard, Maryland 21052 US Postal Zip Code area from the north boarder of the Fort Howard Veterans Park to the southern shorelines  of  the Fort Howard Veterans Outpatient Campus territory.

Membership Form

Current Officers

President: A. Scott Pappas

Vice President: Layne Mauck

Secretary/Treasurer: Stephanie Williams

Fort Howard, Maryland  Interactive Quest Map

“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”


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