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Baltimore City Department of Public Works is addressing the water  distribution infrastructure improvements in Fort Howard.

As explained by Mr. Arthur Shapiro Chief, Office of Engineering and Construction at City of Baltimore – DPW during a recent telephone conversation July 27, 2015 to paraphrase:

“Baltimore City DPW maintains water service for Baltimore County customers HOWEVER Baltimore County provides replacement and upgrades ( as Mrs. Crews stated on May 28, 2014 in a  Fort Howard Community Association conversation).

Furthermore, Baltimore city Regulations only permits 1% of the 40,000 miles of water distribution pipes to be addressed on a year to year basis.

Additionally, per Baltimore City policy, the  water  system deficiencies are prioritized from worst to least worst.  The prioritization protocol is not compliant driven, rather, pipes are physically examined, rated, then assigned priority.”

Engineering data has been requested for Fort Howard water distribution and Baltimore City DPW is most kindly providing it.

The data will be posted at

Mr. Shapiro is being schedule to address the Fort Howard residents at the September 2015 meeting at the Odd Fellows Hall.

Facilitating matters, various state and local elected government officials from  Baltimore City and Baltimore County have been included in this dialogue.

Delegate Robin Grammer, 6th Legislative District advocated for the Fort Howard community in a letter addressed to Mr. Kamenetz, Baltimore County Executive in the following downloadable PDF file.

Delegate Grammer(3)

Thank you Mr. Grammer!

Mr. Grammer’s advocacy for corrections in Fort Howard was enclosed in the following to Mr. Arthur Shapiro and the Honorable Mayor Rawlings-Blake:

Mr. Arthur Shapiro

Chief, Office of Engineering and Construction at City of Baltimore – DPW

Per your conversation July 27, 2015 with Mr. Pappas, kindly forward the engineering data regarding water distribution infrastructure including causation of the recent failures and  repairs affected, and any determination for replacement or  preventative maintenance.

Additionally, please note Fort Howard Community Association is exploring gas distribution and storm water management improvements.

Our next general meeting is in September 2015 and  we look forward to you addressing  our group. Thank you for the offer.

Please find attached a letter from our Maryland State Delegate Mr. Robin Grammer,  6th Legislative District stating his advocacy of improvements.

Kindly note Councilman Todd Crandell, 7th Councilman District, Baltimore County, and his staff has been working effectively with the community since his inauguration in December 2014 addressing the infrastructure issue and has stated his intention seeking needed improvements. Theirs, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City responsiveness has been memorialized by several posts on our website  You are invited to visit.

Eager for positive change, Mr. Grammer’s colleagues Senator Salling, Delegates Long and Metzgar  also are aware or the challenges we face .

To facilitate this dialoged, also forward the engineering data to their respective emails so they will have the information on file.

Lastly,  Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has categorically stated in his recent inaugural speech he advocates “making Baltimore County a better place for our children.”

Thank you once again for your and Baltimore City’s advocacy in this matter and we look forward to your recommendations what trajectory should been taken.

Most respectfully yours,

Kathleen Labuda


Fort Howard Community Association

9202 Howard Avenue

PO Box 156

Fort Howard, Maryland 21052 410-477-2040

Like in the recent corrections of the U.S. Postal Service zip code errors and   Baltimore county GIS System errors (July 21, post), Fort Howard Community Association on behalf of all residents of Fort Howard, Maryland regards the water distribution similarly: an opportunity for residents to exercise their freedoms through  our dedicated  elected/non/elected public servants  cooperatively and collaboratively, to quote Mr. Kamentz  from his 2015 Inaugural Speech ” make Baltimore County a better place for our children.”


Kathleen Labuda



“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”


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