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Fort Howard’s Odd Fellows Lodge #4 has concluded Saturday July, 25, 2015 its yearly  sponsoring and participation in the week long  Independent Order of Odd Fellows United Nations Pilgrimage.

An extraordinary yearly event which Odd Fellows Lodges across the globe nominate and sponsor one adolescent from their respective lodges to participate in a program fostering international brotherhood.

Each child is transported to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania embarking on a two week all expenses paid pilgrimage to the Canadian Parliament, Ottawa Canada, the United Nations in New York, New YorkGettysburg, Pennsylvania, Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland where several  coaches over a week arrive in Fort Howard with 150 to 200 Pilgrims.

Lodge #4 accommodates the  national &  international Pilgrims with some R&R and dinner.

After which the Pilgrims depart for the last leg to Washington D.C then returning full circle to Philadelphia for departure home.

Fort Howard Lodge #4 sponsors a pilgrim every year.  For more information how your youngster can become a    candidate for this  opportunity extraordinaire contact Odd fellows Lodge #4 at IOOF  9401 North Point Rd, Fort Howard, Maryland 21052  (410) 388-8200 or Fort Howard Community Association at (410) 477-2040

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