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The above video taken October 18, 2019 is now a common traffic hazard event in Fort Howard, Maryland typical of lost tractor trailers from  Tradepoint Atlantic in Sparrows Point, Maryland.

As seen in the video  backing up these rigs on a two lane county road is a very time consuming, dangerous, and   challenging  maneuver blocking traffic that jeopardizes  other  motorists and community residents. It is an unwanted and unnecessary risk in our community. 

This driver was lucky  having some help but many do not. Some tractor drivers BACK UP these rigs all the way out of Fort Howard. Especially dangerous at night.

Fort Howard Community Association has contacted Tradepoint Atlantic on several prior occasions addressing  these on-going hazardous traffic events but to date have not returned the Association’s calls detailing what corrective measure(s) are being implemented, if any.

This video has been sent to the Maryland Department of Transportation Secretary Rahn, the Baltimore County Police Department Chief Hyatt,  and the Baltimore County Executive Dr. Olszewski for immediate corrective action.

The Association hopes the distribution center’s management will be responsive now that the Association is documenting and reporting these hazardous traffic disruptions to the proper governmental authorities.

For more information call 410-477-2040 or  email

"Its our community, let's take care of it"

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