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All Baltimore County taxpayers are invited to attend Fort Howard Community Association’s Town Hall meeting at the North Point Volunteer Fire Department Hall at 7500 North Point Rd, Sparrows Point,  MD 21219 on Thursday August 22, 2019 at 7-9 PM. The agenda is Trade Point Atlantic, the Historic Penwood Park, and YOUR tax dollars.

Fort Howard Community Association received from the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) on July 17, 2019 disturbing documents revealing Trade Point Atlantic is not  transferring the culturally rich, historic  Penwood Park natural soil acreage to Baltimore County Recreations and Parks for the purpose of recreational fields and a multi-purpose building like Sollers Point in Turners Station (seen below).

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In contrast, multi-billionaire Trade Point Atlantic ( and Baltimore Ravens) owners Steven Bisciotti and James Davis are  proposing Baltimore County taxpayers  settle for an inferior, slag filled parcel with  no Sparrows Point cultural historic significance  while in turn they enjoy and profit from hundreds of millions of  Baltimore County taxpayers dollars paying for their Trade Point Atlantic roads and water  infrastructure development.

Equally troubling  is,  although  received  July 17, 2019, the MDE environmental document  was completed April 15, 2019, three months prior. 

To date, neither Trade Point Atlantic, Baltimore County Environmental Protection and Sustainability, the Baltimore County Council, nor the Baltimore County Executive has  published the MDE document on the internet for public taxpayer review and comment.

To see or download the MDE document click HERE.

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                “It’s our tax dollars, let’s take care of them”

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