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Councilman Wade Kach provided the following resource to the Fort Howard Community Association.The below 2016-17 lobbyist list includes Venable lawyers Patricia Malone, Christopher Mudd, and David Karcecki.   Mr. Karcecki was commissioned last night February 21, 2016 by Councilmans Almond, Quirk, Bevins, Jones, and Marks on the Baltimore County Charter Review Commission. James Smith (previous Baltimore County Executive), Lawrence Schmidt (previous Baltimore County School Board member) and David Gildea of law firm Smith, Gildea, and Schmidt are listed lobbyists.  Michael Paul Smith, attorney with Smith, Gildea & Schmidt was also commissioned last night by the council to serve on the commission.

The Baltimore County Lobbying Regulations and List of Reported Lobbyists for 2016-17

FHCA cannot identify one commissioner on the Charter Review Commission as representative of community organizations in Baltimore County.

However, barring Mr. Campbell, all remaining 8 commissioners are lawyers, four of which are associated with law firms who have lawyers listed in the lobbyist list.

The Towson Flyer posted Councilman Marks position.

The Towson Flyer posted Councilman Kach’s position. posted their concern.

The Baltimore Sun article 1.

The Baltimore Sun article 2.


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