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Sparrows Point Voluntary Cleanup Program

MDE/EPA Public Meeting Update on Environmental Work at Sparrows Point

April 25, 2018 at 6 p.m.

North Point Library

1716 Merritt Boulevard

Dundalk, MD 21222


Air Quality Monitors will be addressed for Fort Howard, Community residents and for our schools.


Sparrows Point Environmental Reports  

The Sparrows Point environmental reports section identifies environmental investigations submitted for the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) including characterization and remediation plans that have occurred or are planned at the Sparrows Point property as part of the Administrative Consent Order (ACO). For additional information relating to the Sparrows Point peninsula, please visit the Hazardous Waste Program’s webpage.

Voluntary Cleanup Program InformationVCP Applications:

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)Sparrows Point Terminal Site Report Revision 3, dated April 5, 2016

Sparrows Point Parcel Status Map

Investigation Status Map, dated February 13, 2018

Response Action Plans (RAP)

Parcel A1- Approved RAP


Phase II ESA Work Plans and Reports

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)-May 19, 2014

Site Conceptual Cleanup Plan

Contact Information

If you have questions or require assistance related to the above material, please contact Ms. Kathleen Labuda at 410-477-2040 or email

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