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Testimony by Fort Howard Community Association representatives and members, Environmental Analyst Mr. Russel Donnelly, and 7th District Civic Council of Baltimore County Leaders Helping Leaders detailed the ongoing air quality concerns regarding fugitive air particulate emissions from the Sparrows Point, Maryland industrial site. 

With the 130 years history of toxic industrial land, water, and air pollution associated with Sparrows Point activities affecting Fort Howard resident’s quality of life and health and the enormous projected 28,000 tractor trailer per day traffic air emissions (some 204,000 tons of greenhouse carbon dioxide per year), national railways Norfolk and CSX air emissions, and diesel emissions from the expected break-bulk Post-Panamax ship’s 120,000 h.p. engines, Fort Howard Community Association’s representatives insisted permanent placement of Air Particulate Monitoring Stations in Fort Howard, Maryland for particulate and -oxide emissions is clearly warranted.

Fort Howard Community Association’s representatives sited  COMAR regulations prohibiting: visible air emissions, the discharge of emissions beyond the property line that a nuisance or air pollution is created, and the discharge toxic air pollutants endangering human health.

Fellow pollution stricken and environmentally challenged community Turner Station has had ongoing air monitoring stations for decades.

A recently published Baltimore Post news article covered the MDE meeting.

Special thanks to Environmental Integrity Project Mrs. Leah Kelly, Esq.,  advocating Fort Howard Community Association’s position during the hearing by filing a 60 day extension to the permit comment period. 

Kathleen Labuda

Secretary/ Treasurer


“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”





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