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Recently a Yale School of Forestry & Environmental article concluded 70 percent of global ship’s noxious sulfur-laden air pollution that contributes to the millions of cases of childhood asthma and other respiratory ailments occur within 250 miles of land.
Located at the mouth of the Patapso River, Fort Howard children are directly exposed daily to the asthma inducing noxious pollution spewed into the pure Chesapeake Bay air from global ships entering the Port of Baltimore.
Compounding Fort Howard future air pollution is Trade Point Atlantic’s daily 28,000 thousand  tractor trailers entering and leaving  the industrial site .
Fort Howard Community Associations, along with our partner environmental stewards, continues leading the fight demanding all government officials and big businesses are held accountable for our children’s God given right to clean air, clean water, and clean land here in historic Fort Howard, Maryland and else-where.
Our children’s lungs and respiratory health will never be accepted as a  cost of doing business in the global economy.

” It’s our community, let’s take care of it. “



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