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 Senator Salling has officially stated  an unequivocal “NO!!” to senate bill 835 in the following post on his website.
Fort Howard County Association supports our law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal jurisdictions and Mr. Sallings position on senate bill 835.
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A Loud and Firm No to Maryland Becoming a Sanctuary State


March 29, 2017


Senator Johnny Ray Salling


 The bill to make Maryland, our state, a sanctuary state is a dangerous bill. I will fight it in the Senate and do everything I can to keep it from getting Senate approval.


We are a nation of laws. Refusing to allow state and local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in enforcing the nation’s immigration law is breaking the law. When a state or local government thumbs its nose at federal law that’s a sad day for democracy.


U. S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions denounced Maryland’s Sanctuary bill, already approved in the House of Delegates and awaiting Senate approval to become law.


Some of these illegal immigrants are dangerous. Recently, a 14-year old girl in a Montgomery County school was brutally raped by two illegal immigrants who were her classmates.  The two assailants were 17 and 18 years old but were in the same ninth grade as the victim.


In February 2016, in Frederick County a 19-year old El Salvadoran male was arrested and charged with rape. The girl was 13-years old and unconscious at the time of the crime.  The assailant in this case had an approved application for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival.


Maryland should not be a sanctuary state. A sanctuary state policy would be dangerous and put citizens at risk.



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