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Fort Howard Community Association, Inc.
9202 Howard Avenue
Fort Howard, Maryland 21052


Honorable Todd K. Crandell
Councilman, 7th District Baltimore County
7839 East Point Mall Suite 307
Baltimore, MD 21224
410-285-7838 (fax)


On behalf of myself and all brother and sister veterans, thank you for cosponsoring Baltimore County Bill No. 1-16 this past Monday January 4, 2016, an act prohibiting discriminatory practices to veterans in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Further, know you have the full support of my fellow officers, board and general members of the Fort Howard Community Association moving ahead enacting Bill No. 1-16 into law during Baltimore County Council’s next voting session.

I trust County Executive Kamanetz equally supports Bill No. 1-16 enactment into Baltimore County law.

Again, thank you for having the best interests of all veterans in your heart.

Most respectfully,
Mr. Joseph Swain,
United States Air Force Security Forces, Afghanistan 2001
Vice-President FHCA

Cc: FHCA Officers
FHCA Board

Swain letter bill1-16