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                                      Re:  Errant Amazon Tractor Trailer Traffic in Fort Howard, Maryland

Dear Mr. Bezos,

Please be advised since the opening of the Amazon distribution warehouse at the Tradepoint Atlantic Industrial Park in Sparrows Point, Maryland, the historic Chesapeake Bay community of Fort Howard, Maryland has been adversely impacted with experiencing a significant amount of Amazon tractor trailers lost in in the community of Fort Howard, Maryland.

The community roads are two lane designed for residential usage and are not supportive of heavy industrial tractor trailer traffic.  As seen in the following youtube video the Amazon tractor trailers must back up into incoming traffic causing a traffic hazard and potential casualty.

On October 31, 2019 the Fort Howard Community Association contacted Amazon Headquarters in Seattle, Washington and was directed to report the incidents to the local law enforcement and to request the local police visit the Amazon distribution warehouse at the Tradepoint Atlantic Industrial Park in Sparrows Point, Maryland to inform the warehouse management of the issue so corrective measure can be taken.

Per that advice the Baltimore County Police Department, the Baltimore County Traffic Engineering Department, and the Baltimore County Executive offices were contacted by telephone requesting relief from the ongoing errant Amazon tractor trailer traffic in Fort Howard, Maryland.

It will be most appreciated by the residents of Fort Howard, Maryland that Amazon work with the community association, law enforcement, traffic engineering, and our elected administrators to eliminate this disruption and potential casualty to our residents.  At the same time Amazon will also benefit increasing its operating efficiency and thereby its profits.                   

Please call 443 242 7528 or email should you have any questions or concerns.


Scott Pappas

President, FHCA

                   ” It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”



Attachments: Amazon Truck Video

Amazon letter pdf

Cc: Baltimore County Police Department

       Baltimore County Traffic Engineering

       Baltimore County Executive Office

       Maryland Department of Transportation

       Redwood Capital Investments C/O  Tradepoint Atlantic, LLC


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