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Fort Howard Community Associations is exploring with Baltimore Gas & Electric, Baltimore County, Maryland State,  and the Federal government officials supplying  natural gas service to Fort Howard residents.

Currently residents along the North Point Road corridor and Chestnut Avenue have  gas main connection availability leaving Todd, Bayside,  Howard, Old Bay,  Fort, and Blank residents  subject to extremely prohibitive connection costs.

Connection fees quoted from Baltimore Gas & Electric to  Todd, Bayside,  Howard, Old Bay,  Fort, and Blank residents  are in the TENS of thousands of dollars.

Residents of Todd’s Farm and Denton Avenue have voiced their desire for natural gas service from Baltimore Gas & Electric.

To Fort Howard Community Association’s understanding Baltimore Gas & Electric is a distribution gas and electric  utility possessing the economic benefit of lawfully operating monopolistically,  provided the efficiencies of the monopoly prove a greater benefit to the residents of Maryland in comparison to a competitive market with  multiple gas and electric distributors seeking customers.

Over-site of Baltimore Gas & Electric is provided by the Maryland Public Service Commission and the Maryland Office of People’s Counsel

With the federally mandated break up of,  for example  Bell Telephone’s monopoly decades ago, it is arguable  the benefits of competition clearly have outweighed the benefits of monopoly in that industry with lower prices, technological innovations, and more choice to consumers from that competitive business environment.

The  questions are: Is it time to look closer how efficient and  beneficial  to Maryland consumers  the  gas and electric distribution monopoly model is  serving the interests of Maryland consumers  delivering the lowest cost, the greatest choice, and spurring  technological innovation using the yardstick of  success  how well the free market competition model served  telecommunications/ entertainment distribution industry consumers;  And ergo, which model best serves residents of Fort Howard ?

FIOS, COMCAST, DISH,MCI,… provide bundled telephone, Internet, and telephone service at historically low cost to the average consumer with literally limitless choice across the board using their own respectively owned  distribution infrastructure.

Gone are the days of ripping up the streets. Employing Trenchless Torpedo Technology Baltimore Gas & Electric, or possibly another competitor in the future, is capable of very cost efficiently installing subterranean gas lines with marginal excavation disruptions in record time as demonstrated in the following U-TUBE:

Fort Howard Community Association will have natural gas service on the  agenda during the September meeting at the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall located at 9401 North Point Road, Fort Howard, Maryland.

Clearly this  is a community issue requiring  a comprehensive dialoged.

All stakeholders are most encourage  in this and other matters by attending personally our September meeting  or by forwarding  your  thoughts to

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For more information contact call  410-477-2040, or email, or leave your comments to

And lastly, Fort Howard Community Associations thanks in advance  the Odd Fellows for use of their hall and wish everyone a safe and fun summer.



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