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All at one time early this afternoon several water mains ruptured  flooding yards, driveways, basements, and roads on Howard Avenue, Fort Avenue, Todd Avenue, and North Point Road .

According to Mrs. Crews of Baltimore City Public Works, Bureau of Water, the  multiple  ruptures are a result of the current infrastructure incapacity to properly service customers in the Fort Howard township.

Ms. Crews opined the pathway to avoid future events like today is to to  modernized the current  infrastructure by replacing it with  new water piping and fittings,  indicating that is Baltimore County Public Works jurisdiction.

The emergency was elevated to a “Priority One,” designation by Baltimore City Public Works, Bureau of Water supervisors Maurice Hale and Robert Cookley for  immediate deployment of Baltimore City Public Works repair crews at the multiple water main rupture sites throughout Fort Howard to minimized water service interruption.

Baltimore County Roads and Highway were on hand repairing  resulting  road damage from the water main ruptures.

In the past winter 2014 a water main break was the cause of  ice damming at the corner of Howard Avenue and Old Bay Road posing a threat of accidental injury to both pedestrians and motorists tending their mail at the Fort Howard Post Office.

The Baltimore County Executive is being sent a follow-up  letter  sharing  Baltimore City Public Works advise how to avoiding future water main  ruptures.  Any response will be posted at for comment.

The Fort Howard Community is very grateful to Mr. Hale, Mr. Cookley,  the Baltimore City Public Works repair crew’s  ensuring  uninterrupted water supply,  Baltimore County  keeping our roads safe, and the responsiveness of all the private community members calling in the emergency to city and county agencies for attention.

“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”




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