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“On March 16, 2017, a tragic event occurred in Montgomery County, Maryland. According to news reports, a 14-year old student was dragged into a high school restroom and raped by two teenage boys,” Johnson wrote in a March 22 letter to Thomas Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “At a hearing March 22, Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, testified if Border Patrol had properly done its job, neither Sanchez-Milian or Montano would have been present in this country to commit this heinous act.”

WUSA 9 confirmed that ICE had a detainer on Sanchez, a citizen of Guatemala, who had an outstanding deportation order for his arrest. Yet he continued to attend school in Maryland.

On March 20 1017 the Maryland Assembly House Bill 1362 was passed “Prohibiting a specified government agent from taking specified actions for immigration enforcement purposes; prohibiting a law enforcement official from stopping, arresting, searching, or detaining an individual for purposes of investigating a suspected immigration violation or inquiring about specified matters; requiring the Attorney General, in consultation with stakeholders, to develop and adopt model policies for a specified purpose; etc.” (Full list of house vote yeas 83 and nays 55)

FHCA contacted 6th Maryland legislative district delegates Grammer, Long, and Metzgar  on March 24, 2017 confirming all three delegate who represent  Fort Howard, Maryland voters opposed HB 1362.

6th Maryland legislative district  Senator John Salling stated he opposes and will vote against the cross bill that his  colleagues of  Baltimore County, Senators Kelley and Nathan-Pulliam , co-sponsored.

On March 24, 2017 Councilman Wade Kach posted on his website, Wade Kach, his condemnation of the alleged “heinous rape,”  of the 14 year old child by the two illegal aliens. 

Council Quirk office was contacted the same day by telephone responding with the official comment “NO COMMENT.”

Councilmen Almond, Bevins, Crandell, Jones, Marks, were unavailable for comment at the time.

Governor Larry Hogan’s promise to veto the “Sanctuary State,” bill “I’m going to veto it immediately,” he promised. I can’t imagine what these people were thinking. To even propose such a bill a few days after this girl was brutally raped by these two young men who were in this country illegally.” was confirm by telephone on March 24, 2017 by FHCA also. 

Knowing our elected officials need the feedback and guidance from their constituents,  FHCA strongly encourages all citizens perform their civic duty to inform local, state and federal elected officials of their position on public  policy such as SB0385

The Baltimore County State Senator Delegation and national representatives can be reached at the following numbers:

 Senator Salling  (410) 841-3587    

 Senator Brochin (410) 841-3648

 Senator Kelley (410) 841-3606

 Senator Nathan-Pulliam  (410) 841-3612

 Senator Kasemeyer (410) 841-3653

 Senator Klausmeier (410) 841-3620

Senator Zirkin (410) 841-3131

Governor Hogan (410) 974-3901

Congressman Rupperburger  (202) 225-3061

Senator Van Hollen (202) 224-4654

Senator Cardin (202) 224-4524

President Trump (202) 456-1111

 It should be noted with a median income of $95,000, Montgomery County is the 11th wealthiest county in the United States of America suggesting in this instance the alleged criminal activity  is a function illegal immigration and not poverty.

FHCA will seek further clarification from  supporting Baltimore County  delegates and senators and councilmen how  “sanctuary state status,” in Maryland will  eliminate crimes, such as the alleged rape of a 14 year child in a bathroom school,  in Baltimore County public schools.

FHCA send it’s  sincerest sympathy to the child,  her mother, her father, and her family of the alleged rape.


Kathleen Labuda




“It’s our COUNRTY, STATE, and community, let’s take care of it.”












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