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Spring 2015  the Keeping the Promise for Another 100 Years  was initiated to restore the neglected iconic Fort Howard Park cannons.

Moving forward, on  October 27, 2015 the Fort Howard Community Association, the Army National Guard, the Chairman of  the Fort Howard Defender’s  Day, the Baltimore County Landmark District Commissioner, and Councilman Todd Crandell’s aide  met at the landmark Fort Howard Park.

It was decided the Maryland Army National Guard will transport the cannons to their work shop in Havre de Grace in mid November 2015 and affect the rehabilitation of the guns while concrete pads will be poured upon which the  cannons will be re-installed early spring at the park.

Councilman Crandell will officiate the re-dedication of the icons.

A Keeping the Promise for Another 100 Years webpage/site will memorialize the historic restoration with video, interviews, photos, of all phases of the project and  names of all who made this possible.

Fort Howard Community Association is accepting donations directly for the project for restoring the wooden wheels, concrete pad material, paint, landscaping, and web maintenance.

Your donation of one dollar or more will place your name on a “Cyber Plaque,” as a participant  of the historical cannon restoration project.

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