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On Wednesday mourning November 18, 2015  a Maryland Army National Guard (MARNG) detail rigged and transported the dilapidated Model 1906 WWI field guns from Fort Howard to Havre de Grace where they will be rehabilitated by the Allied Trade Team at the Combined Support Maintenance Shop (CSMS).

The guns estimated return date is early Spring 2015 followed by a re-dedication ceremony to our American Veterans.

The Maryland Army National Guard contribution to the project  is transportation, facilities, and metal related work-ALL DONATED.

The wooden cannon’s wheel rehabilitations are outside the scope of the Guard’s Allied Trade Team expertise.

In response to that challenge, Chesapeake Woodworking of Baltimore has been selected to rehabilitate the wheels guided by the U.S.Departmnet of Interior preservation standards. Chesapeake Woodworking has worked with the National Park Service preserving aspects of Fort McHenry.

Chesapeake Woodworking steeply discounted the cost however it was beyond the company means to completely discount the cost.

Therefore, FHCA is fundraising accepting donations/contributions for both the wooded wheel rehabilitation,  for the concrete slabs the cannon will be placed, and any amenities such as lighting, landscaping, etc…

When patriots donate their name will be added to the list of donors for posterity as this is a truly historic project in a historic Baltimore County landmark park,  arguably in one of the most historic geographies in the United States.

FHCA respects the the team spirit of the Guard but we still wish to salute Sergeant First Class Lesley P. Ernest MARNG for his outreach to the community, his passion to preserve our history, and his service to and love of our nation;  Sgt. Ernest will retire from the MARNG 31 November 2015.  None-the-Les,  Sgt. Ernest will see the project to its completion. Thank you Sir.

Please contact FHCA Secretary/Treasure Kathleen Labuda at 410-477-2040 or 9202 Howard Avenue, Fort Howard, Maryland 21052 or by email to become informed, involve, and included.


Joe Swain, USAF retired


Committee Chair,

“Keeping the Promise for Another 100 Years” Project