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Below are documents recently sent to to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Office of General Counsel Mrs. Jennifer Wazenski Esq. regarding the validity and justification of an approved one million dollar transportation grant from Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to  applicant Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Director Mr. John Wilson financing the proposed transportation “bike trail,” at North Point State Park at 8400 North Point Rd, Sparrows Point, Maryland, MD 21219.

The DNR applicant  Director Wilson claims in the MDOT grant application the transportation trail “directly connects,” to  institutional buildings, a transit station, and a commercial district. These and other apparently false claims by Director Wilson are  being publicly scrutinized for truthfulness. Applicant Director Wilson’s answers are made under penalty of law.

After repeated requests under the Federal Freedom of Information Act  DNR has failed to comply or does not possess evidence to to validate Director Wilson’s claims.

At the recent 2018 September Millers Island Edgemere Business Association (MIEBA) member Mr. James Iman told fellow members of his and his wife’s harrowing meeting with Secretary Mark Belton recounting his  description to  Secretary Belton how the transportation route encroaches on his home, how his family will suffer, and that the community of Todd’s Farm, Penwood Terrace, Denton Avenue and Fort Howard had no notice and have no opportunity to give input on the unwanted and unsightly transportation route. Secretary Belton was unmoved.

It has been reported Fort Howard resident Mr. Gray’s concerns of the “bike trail,” crossing his home’s driveway were similarly dismissed by DNR personnel with threatening implications of denying the usage of his own driveway.

Councilman Todd Crandell was present at the MEIBA meeting who President of the Sparrows Point & North Point Historical Society Mr. Keith Taylor directly  addressed  concerns of  traffic safety,  will police monitor the bike trail after dark, and the greater community needs, in  particularity, Edgemere sidewalks and Lynch Cove drainage infrastructure, to name a few.

“How do we (the taxpayers) have money for a million dollar “bike trail,” using MDOT grant money when Edgemere has needed sidewalk for 25 years?” was the question Mr. Crandell had no answer.

Mr. Crandell deferred stating  Delegate Robin Grammer is heading up the “bike trail” opposition at the state level and  can be reached at or 410-841-3298 or at

Mr. Grammer is currently running for re-election therefore he may be highly motivated to garner voter approval at this time.

MEIBA meeting attendees openly speculated the transportation trail is a merely pretext whose true purpose is to lead to an expansion of North Point Road. An expansion that will  facilitate housing development of the historic farm fields and the Fort Howard VA Property.

It should be noted, thanks to a unilateral decision by long time Olszewski family friend and County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, under the 2017 HUD / Baltimore County Conciliatory Agreement unlimited Section 8 housing down the entire North Point Road corridor is now permits from Shaws Discovery to Millers Island to Fort Howard.  in 2014  Olszewski machine approved the controversial North Point Government Center Planned Unit Development and  Kamenetz approved the sale, a sale still in dispute after five years.

North Point Peninsula Community Council Vice President Mr. Stadler is on record with  fully supporting unlimited development in Fort Howard and North Point Peninsula Community Council President Mr. Fran Taylor supports the Planned Unit Development at Sparrows Point County Club placing more strain on Sparrows Point Middle and High Schools already  at 118 % capacity. North Point Peninsula Community Council board member Mr. Ed Crizer is a know political operative for the Olszewski machine and the County Executive Kamentz.

Please judge  the truthfulness of  Director Wilson’s application answers in the following pdf documents then ask yourself “Would the money be best spent on a “bike trail,” or  Edgemere school children sidewalks promise 25 years ago?”

At the MEIBA meeting it was concluded the  grant’s validity will be settled in civil court by twelve of our peers if the original trail route (below pdf) is not followed . It’s not going through the Iman’s farm fields.

Another concern not talked about is the Fort Howard Veterans Memorial Park where we honor the Fort Howard WWII veterans was built on STATE PARK LAND by the County and the County has no permission. The State has the legal right to demand the County vacate the premises. And this is the tip of the iceberg that “they,” keep hidden from the public.

MDOT pays out the grant after completion, if the grant justification is challenged in court during construction and DNR losses, DNR pays the bill and doesn’t get the MDOT grant money. YOU look at the application and make up you mind what a jury will judge.

Voice your concern and call or email Secretary Belton at 410-260-8101 or at

Bike Trail Grant Application (1) (2)


DNR Transpotatin Trail Exhibit A

DNR Transpotatin Trail Exhibit

BPIA John Wilson – DNR (1) 02.09.2017

Response From – Belton – DNR (2)


“Its our community, let’s take care of it.”


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Nicole M Loucas · May 23, 2019 at 10:15 am

Hi, is there a map drawing of the proposed trail? We bike with our little one and live on millers island, we are pro trail if it suits most, not everyone will be happy that is always the case. That being said we are in need of safe areas to ride, both North Point road past Shaws Discovery towards Forth Howard’s and Millers Island rd are dangerous for walkers and bike riders that use them. We have said for years a trail, walking path or sidewalk from the millers island community on Millers Island road along the marsh to the North Point trails and one along North Point rd to Fort Howard would be lovely! Its beautiful land we would love to enjoy. We are very much oppose to building on the surrounding farm land and Fort Howard ground. Im retired military, and feel the only building on Fort Howard should be affordable housing for our vets, assistant living and day care activity facilities for the elderly who fought for this land and our freedom NOT SECTION 8! We would like to see where this trail would run if granted. THANKS AND GOD BLESS

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