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North Point Road

Thanks to all who took a mourning walk down North Point Road and picked up the light rubbish along the road.  Thanks for all who pick up daily. And thanks  in advance for all who will in the future.

Much of the litter is generated from litter bugs visiting Fort Howard Park and visitors who fish in the dike.

The best way to fight it is to not let it lay, just pick it up when you see it.

Community  pride  in a tidy Fort Howard can be additionally rewarded by  reporting your and your children’s  “community hours.”

Parents  can submit the hours. Children are NOT  required  to participate in an organized event or gathering, they can simply go out side and contribute.

The children’s “community hours,” can then be submitted  to meet the high school graduation requirements.

Adult hours   enable  county & state community grant  for community  improvements i.e.  roads/drainage etc.

Please call or email your or your child’s hours to 410 477 2040 or at

Lastly, thanks to the Odd Fellows Lodge #4 for disposing of the collected litter.


Kathleen Labuda



“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”




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