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         Fort Avenue & North Point Road


Utility contractor Angelozzi Brothers, Inc commenced replacement of the water mains throughout Fort Howard, Maryland March 6, 2017, starting at the intersection of Fort Avenue and North Point Road.  The project completion time is estimated to be 12-18 months.

A staging yard has been established on Howard Avenue near Oak Avenue where heavy equipment and material will be stowed.

                   Howard & Oak Avenue


Fort Howard Community Association  advised  project design engineer  Mr. Steve Emm of the project’s started and advised Angelozzi Brothers, Inc.  FHCA  is the community contact resource.

Please join fellow community Fort Howard  residents, Angelozzi and Baltimore County in their joint going efforts for  safe project completion by  driving carefully on roads affected by  construction and  reporting of  any unusual activity  near the construction staging area on Howard Avenue including children playing on the heavy construction  equipment and the building material or any suspicious after-hours vehicle traffic activity.

Angelozzi Brothers, Inc is replacing the excavated dirt and replacing it with new non-compactable material to eliminate a prime cause of water pipe leakage, subterranean water pipe movement.

Angelozzi Brothers, Inc has offered any unused excavated dirt free of cost.

For more information on the fill dirt or other concerns please call Angelozzi Brothers, Inc at 410-363-6650 or Fort Howard Community Association at 410-477-2040 and

Thank you for your watchful eye and patience with any construction project impositions.


Kathleen Labuda




“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”



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