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Water Main Replacement Plan



The Baltimore County Department of Public Works has advised Fort Howard Community Association of the the Fort Howard Water Main Replacement Plan in the following response August 3, 2015:

“Attached  (ABOVE IMAGE) shows the extent of the water main replacement we will be doing in the Fort Howard area. These water mains were installed in 1954 and, as you know, are in need of replacement. It takes approximately 18 months for surveying, design, advertisement, award and notice to proceed to occur. The actual construction will take another year.

This main replacement project will be handled by Baltimore County through my design section.

If you wish you can email me every six months and I will give you the status of the project.

 Mike Mazurek

Chief, Water Design Section

Bal. Co. DPW”

The Association is exploring concurrently with the water distribution replacement natural gas connectivity and storm water management upgrades implementing the Fort Howard community four year infrastructure improvement  plan.

The residents of Fort Howard, Maryland thank with the greatest of sincerity the Baltimore County Department of Public Works in advance for the very needed infrastructure improvements and look forward  supporting Chief Mike Mazurek,  Councilman Todd Crandell and County Executive Kevin Kamenetz in their joint efforts to “make Baltimore County a better place for our children.”

Six month DPW updates will be posted at

For more information call 410-477-2040 or email


Kathleen Labuda



“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”


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