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West Baltimore Montgomery Park

The Baltimore Sun reported January 8, 2020 Sam Himmelrich’s “Himmelrich and Associates,” owner of Montgomery Park is battling to steal the 10 year contract away from The Kornblatt Co., owner’s of St. Paul Plaza.

Downtown St. Paul Plaza

“Maryland Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer Jr. told the board that the insurance regulator decided to stay put after hearing objections from insurance providers and determining a move out of downtown would make it harder to retain employees, many of whom rely on public transportation to get to work.”

Through a front called Far Hydrant, LLC Himmelrich is reported now stakeholder involved in the Fort Howard VA Hospital Campus Redevelopment in Fort Howard, Maryland after current VA Property 75 year the second failed, leaseholder Tim Munschell’s Ft. Howard Development,  could not deliver on the VA Enhanced Use Lease. 

In September 2020, Himmelrich  “quietly,” with no public notice to the community of Fort Howard,  applied on the  Baltimore County 2020 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process Log of Issues – District 7 (page 5) to have the zoning increased during the 2020 Comprehensive Zoning Mapping Process  from the current zoning of one house per acre to 5.5 houses per acre. at the VA site.

November 2020 the Fort Howard Community Association with Millers Island Edgemere Business Association,  Colgate Improvement Association and several other 7th district community association including Beechwood Estates, Norwood-Holabird, Eastfield-Stansbrook, rallied  sending letters to Baltimore County Department of Planning and Baltimore County 7th District Councilman Todd Crandell opposing Himmelrich’s proposed  zoning density increase .

In 2015 Crandell decreased the zoning  to one house per acre faithfully maintaining his 2014 campaign promise “no over-development in Fort Howard will happen on his watch.”

Himmelrich has State of Maryland taxpayer money pouring in with tenants Maryland State Lottery and the Maryland Department of Environment locked into leases at Montgomery Park

Thank you Maryland Insurance Commissioner Mr. Redmer once again for putting your employees and the public’s interest first! 

Maryland Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer Jr.
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