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In conjunction with the replacement of the drinking water piping system and road paving throughout Fort Howard, the third leg of this community infrastructure project, storm water management and drainage repair,  is under way.

Mr. Randy Shifflett, Superintendent of Baltimore County Roads and Highway last Monday, July 2nd 2018, was guided to many of the storm water outfalls. Upon inspection it was determine they are not functioning properly and require repair. 

On Friday July 6, 2018 Baltimore County Roads and Highways commenced work.  

This repair work will address any new storm water drainage the recent road paving may have generated.

A community meeting is being scheduled with Superintendent Shifflett to explain in detail and answer questions on  Baltimore County Roads and Highways’ mission regarding storm water management, repair, and maintenance.

If you have ANY CONCERNS pertaining to the storm water drainage on your street now while repairs are in affect or in the future, please call and report them at 410-477-2040 or email

Kindly share this information with your neighbors and look for the upcoming storm water management community meeting. 

Lastly, on behalf of all the residents of Historic Fort Howard, Maryland we thank design engineer Mr. Steve Emm’s of Baltimore County Department of Public Works for his leadership and design of the new potable water system, and the professionalism and craftsmanship of Angellozzi Brothers installation work, MT Laney’s paving,  Superintendent  of Baltimore County Roads and Highways Mr. Randy Shifflett, and lastly the president of FHCA, Mr. Scott Pappas, for his volunteer time, leadership, and civic mindedness facilitating this comprehensive community infrastructure project and bringing our property tax dollars back to Fort Howard, Maryland.


Kathleen Labuda


Fort Howard Community Association


“It’s our community, let’s take care of it”



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