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Remembering Fort Howard water main breaks were evening television live news only a couple years ago, many thanks goes out to engineer Mr. Steve Emm of Baltimore County’s Department of Public Works for his water main design and ongoing leadership in the Fort Howard, Maryland project.

Utility Contractor Angelozzi and Sons completed the 8″ water mains replacement in December 2017 and the new lines are in service.



This week paving contractor MT Laney commenced the second “phase,” of the project completely resurfacing all the roads of Fort Howard with a new 2″ layer of asphalt  estimated to finish by June 2018.



Many thanks to  Cindy and Von Grammer and the Odd Fellows for permitting the storage of contractor equipment and materials decreasing the construction time and for everyone’s patients with any inconveniences.

DO NOT PARK signs will be posted in advance notice of your roads paving.

For more inforamtion contact Kathleen Labuda at 410-477-2040 or email

Kathleen Labuda


” It’s our community, let’s take care of it. “


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