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Fort Howard received a long overdue manicure from Fort Avenue to Bayside Ave.

Tree branches hanging into roadway  were cut back from the edge of the road and trash was once again removed from the road side.

 ABC Rental, Rosedale provided  Fort Howard Community Association a generous 10% discount on the rented  Bush Hog  used  to clear the undergrowth and ground coverage.

To address the persistent dumping, the boulders which were pushed away by trespassers to gain entrance to the dike by truck by simply driving around the the access gate were restored to their original place prohibiting vehicular access once again.

Again, Fort Howard  community residents generously donated the use of the loader in addition to the hand tools used for the expanded clean up.

A  combination lock was installed on the access gate. County  fire and police departments,  and Fort Howard Community Association possess the combination for dike vehicle access .

It should be noted, while community residents were performing  the  improvements  a fully loaded red quarter ton pick up truck entered  into the dike area and left empty.

It is clear these trucks are coming from outside the Community of Fort Howard.  Fort Howard, Maryland is not and will not be a dump.

A surveillance camera is being mounted across the street for 24/7 monitoring and a sign  posted” Emergency Vehicles Only,” is forthcoming.

We most sincerely thank all those who supported the current,  past, and future  efforts to maintain, restore, or enhance the rural,  historic, Chesapeake Bay community of Fort Howard, Maryland.

Kathleen Labuda



“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”

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