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On the heels of last weeks Memorial Day commemorating our Veterans, yesterday evening June 4th, over more than 75 people of Fort Howard, Todd’s Farm, Denton Avenue, Millers Island, Eastfield-Stansbrook, Edgemere, Logan Village, Beechwood Estate (just name some communities),  including community associations presidents Denise Haas (Millers island C.A),  Chris Pappas(Fort Howard C.A), and Jay Hidden(Beechwood Est. C.A.) from those communities,  Hart-Miller Island Citizen Advisory Committee Member and recently councilman appointed 7th District Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee Member Fran Taylor,  Environmentalist  Russell Donnelly,   Millers Island Edgemere Business Association President Jim Myers, Lafarge Manager Ray Hespin, Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County Board Member Scott Pappas, 7th District  Councilman Todd Crandell, Maryland State Senator Salling,  Maryland Delegates Robin Grammer, Ric Metzger, and Bob Long along with of Congressman and former Baltimore County Executive Dutch Ruppersburger Aide Micheal Baker , covered by news reporters from Dundalk Eagle-John Bailey, East County Times Devon Crum, Dundalk Patch  Charles “Buzz” Beeler, Baltimore Sun Pam Woods and most importantly our veterans , the V.F.W.  and American Legion members, to mention some, attended a meeting at the Edgemere Elementary School.

Very much to everyone’s disappointment Mr. Munschell did not show up.

At the end of the meeting Two hours later no call was received from Mr. Munschell or his company Fort Howard Development by anyone in attendance.

We can only hope that Mr. Munschell is well.

Fort Howard Community Association has  sent Mr. Munschell a new  invitation.  Any reply received will be posted on 

DundalkTV Director Mr. Scott Collier memorialized the opposition to the Fort Howard  Development on film and has posted several minutes of the two hour of the meeting, included in this post above.

7th District Councilman Todd  Crandell spoke  loudly and clearly on the Fort Howard community mandate and his  campaigned position, absolutely opposing the Fort Howard Development plans with “NOT ON MY WATCH.”

Fort Howard Community Association President Chris Pappas closed the meeting with one last question to the group: “Does anyone support the proposed plans by Tim Munshell of Fort Howard Development?” NOT ONE SINGLE HAND WAS RAISED.

Any additional future video will be added to this post.

Fort Howard Community Association thanks all those that attended last night and all those who wished to attend but were honoring other commitments.

We sincerely hope Mr. Munschell is well and look forward to his response to a  second  invitation  addressing  the concerns of Fort Howard and residents residents,  local,  state , and federal elected officials, community association officers, media and most importantly our veterans. has  entire web  page titled “Development,” in the menu bar archiving every news articles printed by the Baltimore Sun, Dundalk Eagle, East Times, and Dundalk Patch on the Fort Howard development in Fort Howard.

Special thanks! John Bailey and Devon Crum for the community service announcements in  the  Dundalk Eagle and East County Times repeatedly printed weeks prior giving notice to the meeting.

And for all those many people who approached me after the meeting to join Fort Howard Community Association: Thank you for your enthusiasm, interest, and genuine concern.

Please email me at or call me at 410-477-2040, or at the “Contact,” in the menu bar above. I do apologize for not having membership forms with me.  Membership to Fort Howard Community Association is free with no annual dues.  Again, thank you!


Kathleen Labuda



“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”


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