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Fort Howard Community Association wishes to thank Delegate Christopher West of Baltimore County for his advocacy preserving for our children and grandchildren the rich and deeply rooted history of America here in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Historic preservation advocates like Mr. West in the Maryland General Assembly ensure non-profit historic preservation corporations throughout Maryland, such as the Baltimore County Historic Trust, have the minimum  funding  to underpin the thousands of public volunteer hours and (tax deductible)  private monetary donations to conduct these efforts.

Here in the Baltimore County 7th District,  the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, the Essex Middle River Civic Council,  and our beloved local icon of American history, Todd’s Inheritance Site, have received grants from the Baltimore County Historic Trust funded in part by the decisions of Baltimore County historical stewards in Annapolis like Mr. West.

Your support of the Baltimore County Historic Trust and Mr. West’s efforts are appreciated.

Again, thank you Delegate West.


Kathleen Labuda



“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”




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