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Dear Fellow Community Officers,

The third week of March 2017, FHCA will have Senator Brochin address our members and you are welcomed to attend the meeting on behalf of your particular community.
If you or a designee can participate please RSVP FHCA and include the top 3 concerns of your community; they will be forwarded to Senator Brochin’s office in advance for him to be properly informed and prepared to respond to your issues at the meeting.
Fort Howard Community Association testified last Thursday February 23, 2016 in support of ethics Senate Bill 164 sponsored and co-sponsored by Senators Brochin and Salling.
Please familiarize yourself and your community with Senate Bill 164 for the FHCA meeting for possible debate. SB 164 is attached.
Kindly find the  testimony mentioned above by clicking the following link.
In addition, FHCA  invited all the Baltimore County Senators, our legislative team, and our local Councilman to attend.
Thank you for all your hard work and your families support in your volunteer leadership roles in your communities.
For more information please call 410-477-2040 or email at
Kathleen Labuda

“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”


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