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As the people of the greatest democracy in world history no day should be observed with greater pride, greater patriotism, and greater participation than voting on Election Day.

  • By voting on Election Day we affirm our national heritage and rights as a free people.
  • By voting on Election Day we confirm to the men and women who won our rights by blood, sweat, and death their sacrifices were not in vain.
  • By voting on Election Day we exercise our love of country placing the public good above individual advantage.
  • By voting on Election Day we are all politically equal: each and every vote counts.
  • By voting on Election Day we combat the greatest threat to our democracy: Indifference and Apathy.
  • By voting on Election Day we address dishonest political promises made by unscrupulous office-seekers.
  • By voting on Election Day we are an example progress is possible without upheaval and chaos.
  • And most importantly, by voting on Election Day we teach our nation’s greatest treasure, our children, the meaning of being a true American.

Please join with your fellow patriots honoring Veterans Day’s one hundredth anniversary year by voting in memory of the 62,000 Marylanders who served in World War One  this Election Day, November 6, 2018.

Thank you for voting!

Scott Pappas


Fort Howard Community Association


“It’s our community, let’s take are of it!”


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