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  • By Mike Ursery
  • Sep 3, 2019
  • Courtesy of Chesapeake Publishing

SPARROWS POINT — Sparrows Point Country Club has sold a portion of its property to a developer, which will build 312 housing units across 76.4 acres.

The country club has said in the past that it is selling a portion of its land and using the money for maintenance of the clubhouse and maintenance of its facilities. However, that doesn’t appear to be the only reason why they are in need of cash.

Doing a search of the country club’s address, 919 Wise Ave., on the Baltimore County Government’s official website shows the club’s property tax records. The records show that the Sparrows Point Country Club is behind on its property taxes.

For the period beginning July 2018 and ending June 2019, the country club was billed $134,465.05, of which $80,262.09 has been paid. A $25 fee has been added, as well as $6,504.36 in new interest. Sparrows Point Country Club is currently $60,732.32 delinquent on last year’s property taxes.

On top of that, the country club owes $85,405.21 for the period beginning July 2019 and ending June 2020.

Sparrows Point Country Club is also delinquent on its water bill. Data from the City of Baltimore’s website shows that the country club owes a current balance of $12,909.64. Their last payment was made on May 17, 2018, in the amount of $3,028.95. The current bill amount is $10,299.02, with a previous balance of $2,610.62.

Please attend the September 13, 2019 hearing to stop the the Sparrows Point Middle and High School Overcrowding, traffic congestion, and overdevelop the proposed Sparrows POINT Country Club Estates will induce into our communities.

“It’s Our Community, Let’s Take Care of It”

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