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On Thursday November 19, 2015 during Fort Howard Community Association’s general meeting Councilman Todd Crandell presented members his proposal  submitting the 103 acre land development in  Fort Howard for CZMP (Comprehensive Zoning Map Process) review .

Quoting Mr. Crandell, “If I did not submit the issue, a development plan could be filed and the community and I would be largely left out of the process. By raising the property as a CZMP issue, we will have at the very least a public hearing on the future of Ft. Howard. My hope is more than that, though. We want a dialogue to take place with the community, the VA, and the developer.”

 “This gives us more control of what ultimately occurs at the site ,” said Crandell, “and I want to get back to a vision that includes and honors vets. We have the opportunity to do something special and significant at Ft. Howard. This step is integral in getting us there.”

During the Thursday night  meeting by a show of hands it was unanimously agreed FHCA  supported Mr. Crandell proposal making  development in Fort Howard a CZMP issue.

 Friday November 20, 2015 Mr. Crandell’s  office issued a public press release reflecting FHCA position and proposal support
In addition to the meeting hand poll, Councilman Crandell was provided  results of a recent survey of the larger geography of the North Point Road corridor conducted by FHCA on Saturday, November 14, 2015 which  73  percent of respondents  favored a veterans only oriented development, 19 percent Veterans National Park, and 8 percent distributed on 5 additional options including “other.”
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