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20160122_162501This  past summer 2015 Baltimore County Parks Superintendent of the Fort Howard Parks discovered the   dike area was heavily  polluted with all sort of debris and rubbish. The    dike was cleared and a new pad lock has been  placed on the yellow gate prohibiting trespassing and  dumping activity.

20160122_162436 This past January 2016 two “dumpings” occured in Fort Howard- one was construction debris and the other was discarded living room furniture.

Once again, at the expense of Baltimore County taxpayer’s through property taxes, Baltimore County Recreation and Parks cleared the debris this week.

The FHCA contracted services to have the dumped furniture removed being it was dumped on private property (the Odd Fellows lot).

Police responded to the dumping and were provided a description of the vehicle and three characters of the license plate thanks to a concealed camera currently focused on the gated area.

If you should have additional information for the investigation please contact Baltimore County Police Officer Shipley at 410-887-7320 referencing report #160351846.

Recently passed legislation geared  to eliminate pollution of this sort in Baltimore County, upon conviction of dumping in Baltimore County,  now carries a minimum $500.00 fine .

In addition, Fort Howard Community Association  offers a $100.00 reward for information leading to the conviction of  person(s) dumping in Fort Howard, Maryland.

The estimated  cleanup cost for the dike and recent gate occurrence for a crew of three, a dumptruck, and administration, was over 2500 dollars, money paid from property taxes .

Ecologically negative, terrestrial dumping contributes to aquatic pollution of our Chesapeake Bay by storm water run off conducting solid waste and pollutant to  shorelines.  All wildlife is adversely impacted.

Baltimore County 7th District Constituent Services  Aide Mr. Ron Metzger,  Baltimore County Park Superintendent Mr. Michael Jankiewicz, and law enforcement are documenting dumping activity.

Two dumpsters  will be placed at  Fort Howard Veterans Park  on the third weekend April 2016 from 8-12 AM for the benefit of residents for ” Community Dumpster Day.”

FHCA now offers bulk pick-up of furniture and appliances. For more information contact FHCA  at 410-477-2040.

Your suggestions or concerns are welcomed and thank you for pride in your rural, historic, Chesapeake Bay neighborhood.


Kathleen Labuda



“It’s our community, let’s take care of it.”