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The Council removed developer loopholes in our open space law tonight unanimously passing Bill 37-19.

Bill 37-19 is a testimony to Baltimore County government’s purpose: to serve the taxpayers of Baltimore County.

However, more collaboration among government, nonprofits, County residents, and developers must take place to seriously address the unrelenting livability challenges in our communities.

None-the-less, We the People of Baltimore County took a big step tonight in that direction.

Many thanks to those who testified, submitted written testimony, emailed, called, donated, and offered advice and to Bill 37-19 sponsors Quirk, Marks, Bevins, Patoka, Kach and also to Crandell and Jones who also voted for the bill tonight 

Again, thank you for fighting the good fight advocating Bill 37-19 for your children, your community, and Baltimore County!

Contact Fort Howard Community Association at 410-477-2040 or at for more information.

“It’s Our Community, Let’s Take Care of It”

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