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As part of the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint On December 16, 2015 the Chesapeake Bay Foundation hosted a meeting at  the Sollers Point Library presenting two environmental study findings of the of the water surrounding Sparrow Point. However the study results are not currently incorporated in the off shore EPA investigations in progress.

Shawn M. Garvin

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In response, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has provide the following petition to Mr. Sean M. Garvin, EPA Region 3 Administrator.

TO: Shawn M. Garvin, EPA Region 3 Administrator

Dear Regional Administrator Garvin:

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation recently hosted a meeting in my area to share results of two new studies on the potential human health and environmental toxicity risks in Bear Creek off-shore from Sparrows Point.

As a member of the affected community, I urge you to incorporate the findings of the CBF reports entitled “2015 Toxicity Testing of Baltimore Harbor Sediments” and “Health-based Evaluation of Environmental Data from Sparrows Point Site” into your offshore investigation, communicate more openly with the public on the progress of this investigation, and accelerate plans to address any contamination.

While I support placing a priority on reviving Sparrows Point as an economic engine for our community, the community’s health and well-being and the health of Bear Creek, the Patapsco River, and Old Road Bay should also be a priority and not overlooked. My specific concerns are:


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Kathleen Labuda




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