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Celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Mason and Dixon’s Survey in Baltimore County


See the BIG REVEAL of a new Mason – Dixon Roadside Historical Marker and a Replacement Mile Stone No. 46:


DATE:     OCTOBER 17, 2015

TIME:      2:00 P.M.


(near 18166 Susquehanna Trail, aka York Road,

New Freedom, PA 17349)


Non Members:    FREE

Members:   15% discount

We drive by them all of the time and want to stop and read them.  This is your chance to see and read a real Roadside Historical Marker up close and personal.  The installation of the new sign, courtesy of the State Highway Administration and the Maryland Historical Trust, helps us commemorate the 250th anniversary of Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon’s survey of the Baltimore County portion of their famous demarcation line for certain borders of four states:  Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia.



And equally important, a replacement for Stone No. 46 will be layed directly on the Mason and Dixon Line across from the new sign.  While the original mile stone no. 46 still exists in the field of the property’s owner, the effects of weather, age and machinery over two and half centuries have eroded its stature.  A short walk will take you back 250 years.


Patrick A. Simon, L.S. – Chief of Surveys, Baltimore County, will speak about the history of the Mason and Dixon Line and David Thaler may be encouraged to speak about locating the actual survey transit instrument used by Mason and Dixon to accurately define the border coordinates.


We will be outside, so dress accordingly.  Hope to see you there!!!

David Thaler in Philadelphia with the restored Transit.
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