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Baltimore County taxpayer representatives Executive Dr. John Olszewski and  County Council Members announced via the Baltimore County News Bill 95-18 particulars are under renegotiation to address taxpayers concerns of issuing 80 million dollars of taxpayer public assistance to develop road, water, and sewer infrastructure at the former Sparrows Point steel mill site and Baltimore County public-private partner Tradepoint Atlantic reciprocating in kind with land to Baltimore County Recreation and Parks for active recreation, including ball fields and a multi-purpose center modeled after the Sollers Multi-purpose Center with an historical center,  in door gym, library, meeting rooms, and other community amenities.

Thank you Mr. Executive and the Council Members for the first of many steps rebuilding the pride and identity of Baltimore County’s southeast communities with our public-private partner Tradepoint Atlantic.

Happy Holidays! 

"It's our community' let's take care of it"

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