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Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) Air and Radiation Administration advised Fort Howard Community Association it conducted an onsite investigation on May 20 & 21, 2019 at Trade Point Atlantic, Sparrows Point, Maryland in response to numerous complaints by Fort Howard residents of an offensive naphthalene-like aromatic compound odor, headaches and mild nausea since Friday May 17, 2019.

MDE confirmed today, May 21, 2019, Trade Point Atlantic is the source of the the possible volatile organic compound(s) (VOC) emission(s) which is being linked to the site’s brownfield remediation activity of transporting onsite legacy slag used for new construction fill.

MDE has issued a stop work order for that activity. The suspected contaminated legacy slag stock pile areas are being contained with an earthen cap while slag samples of the suspected stockpiles have been collected for spectroscopic-analysis. Those results are expected as early as Thursday May 23, 2019.

*Naphthalene is a known VOC byproduct of the prior steel making activity at the site. Naphthalene sublimes to a toxic vapor and is pest/insecticide. The half-life of naphthalene in the environment may range from less than one day in air to over 80 days in soil.

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